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Submit your Pear Art

PLEASE NOTE NEW CONTACT 5/30/14 ~ Please Carefully Read this before submitting your pear drawings or paintings ~
You are welcome to submit up to three links at a time (total of five maximum) to images of pears you have drawn or painted, in any medium, for inclusion on the Pearathon website. All entries are subject to a jurying process.

These are most of the rules:
  1. This website is to honor the graceful pear. Other fruits or vegetables are acceptable as long as they are accompanied by a pear appearing in a lead role.
  2. Comments regarding pear stems aside, this is a family production, so no obscene pears will be accepted.
  3. Your art must be original, from your own lovely pear, and not a copy of someone else's work or photo
  4. No computer generated or computer manipulated art in any form. If an Undo button was available, there are other venues for that work.
  5. No photographs
  6. You will need to submit a link to the pear image that is already on either a) your website, b) your blog, or c) an image host website like Flickr or Picasa. Please do not send the image as an attachment to your email.
  7. In your email to Pearathon, please include:
    - your name and the name of your artwork
    - the medium used to create the art
    - your email address OR website that you would like posted on this site as a link.
  8. If you do not have a website link, we will need to use your email as part of your pear display on this site in order for viewers to contact you directly.
  9. Any potential buyers of art will be referred to the artist -- no sales will be made from this website.
  10. All art shown is copyright by the artist listed for each piece, and all rights, of course, remain with that artist. No reproductions of art images from this site are allowed.
  11. EMAIL your information and the link to your online pear art image to: tanghorse23 (at) gmail (dot) com

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